About the author

RichardHudsonMy name is Richard Paul Hudson. I grew up in the UK and read Linguistics, Modern Languages and Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Trinity College, Cambridge. I then gravitated towards information technology. Following a period performing research into natural language processing, I now specialize in designing large software systems for corporations, placing a particular focus on security issues.

msg logoI work as a Lead IT Consultant at msg systems, a large international software consultancy. Although this book is my private project, msg systems is kindly providing a considerable amount of support and assistance with it. msg systems is headquartered in Munich, Germany and I live in the stunning countryside between Munich and the Alps with my wife and four children.

cisspI hold the prestigious CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Studying for the qualification entails absorbing a huge body of knowledge on a diverse range of cybersecurity topics. All of this information is necessary for professional competence, but much of it is fascinating as well, especially when presented in an accessible fashion and backed up with interesting examples. I feel that the fact that I have acquired my cybersecurity knowledge against a humanities background puts me in an ideal position to communicate it to a general readership.

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